Plaster Of Paris Bandage B.P.TM Wondercast The Cast that sets Fast

Exceeds B.P. and USP Standard
Consistent quality

Stringent quality standard applied to the raw Materials and also during the manufacturing Process itself

Excellent Cast Strength

High as well as uniform impregnation Of gypsum through out the bandage

Higher retention of powder on dry or wet bandage minimum powder loss

Better Creamy Feel

For excellent moulding & consistent layer to layer bonding

Code No. Description of goods Size Shipping Qty.
GH-1.01 Wondercast 7.5cm x 2.7m 1 CTN (12 boxes of 24 Rolls)
GH-1.02 Wondercast 10cm x 2.7m 1 CTN (10 boxes of 12 Rolls)
GH-1.03 Wondercast 15cm x 2.7m 1 CTN (10 boxes of 12 Rolls)
GH-1.04 Wondercast 20cm x 2.7m 1 CTN (10 boxes of 12 Rolls)
Any other customize sizes and color are also available