Relicise (lodine)


PU Incision Drape (lodine)

Relicise impregnated incise drape helps reduce micrognaism- related activity between skin and the PU film.

Relicise features an iodine based antibacterial solution. It helps with broad-spectum antimicrobial activity against microganisms on the skin.

As a fast-acting and long lasting option, Relicise offers comfort to the patient via the strong, medical-grade adhesive, which leaves no residue

behind on the patient's skin.

Relicise with an antiseptic is water proof & breathable PU film.

Relicise reduces glare on surgeons with low glare matte-finish PU film. Various choice of dimension for your needs : Ranging from 20 x 20 cm to 80 x 80 cm