Transparent Adhesive Wound Dressing
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transparent dressing is an ultra-thin and comfortable dressing produced by the world advanced technology, it has the features of water-proofing, fungi-proofing, breathable, transparent, high elastic, etc.It is extensively applied in intravenous injection in hospital, catheter fixing, and treatment and protection of the wound, it is the essential goods in skin beauty, household medicine chest, exercise in the army, field first aid during the war, etc.


proofing, fungi-proofing Waterproof and impermeable to bacteria: to keep bacteria out thus can reduce the infection; to keep water out to make you continue with shower and bath.

Breathable Provide the optimum recovery environment.

Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity——no irritation to the wound, and no harm to the skin when removal.

Ultra-thin, high elasticity — —Comfortable after using it.


Fixing of intravenous injection catheter.

Slightly bruise, small area I, II grade burn and small wound.


After cleaning and disinfection of the wound, take out of dressing from the bag.

Peel off the paper at one end of the transparent dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.

Paste the adhesive surface to the skin, smoothing from the middle to the surrounding.

the frame off from the unlettered side.

If the bruise, burn and operation cause the reduction of exudation, spread the sterile gauze and anti-inflammatory drug on the wound, then use the medical transparent dressing.


Sterile, disposable

Prohibit using the damaged package.

Not substitute for sutures, bleeding, skin disinfection and other measures.

Can not be used for the arterial catheter fixing.

Forbid using if the wound has become infected and ulcer.

Cannot be directed stuck it on the wound if the wound is bleeding.

When removing the dressing, pay attention to the catheter and other equipment under it.

Size 6cm X 7cm 10cm X 10cm 10cm X 15cm 10cm X 20cm 10 x 25 cm 10 x 30 cm
Pack 50 20 20 20 20 20
Any other customize sizes and color are also available