Reliderm -I.V. Plus Window Frame Style Transparent Adhesive Dressing


Waterproof, Impermeable to bacteria, Breathable, Permeable to moisture, Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and proper viscidity, Ultra thin and high stretch, Transparent PU films acts as secondary skin.

Features & Benefits

Window frame delivery system.

Prevent bacteria invasion from environment and accelerate the wound healing.

Waterproof PU film dressings.

Advanced coating techniques.

Highly absorbent non-adherent pad and transparency allows monitoring of pad.



skin is clean and dry before using.

Take out the dressings, peel off the release paper and stick on the skin. Make sure.

Make sure that wound is on the center of the pad and place the dressing.

Stick the dressing on skin naturally, do not drag it. Press the dressing slightly from.

the center. Then peel off the paper frame from the tab design and press the edges of the dressing smoothly.

Small cut and Bruise Wounds.


Can be used on all kinds of wounds such as - Post operative wounds. Donorsite of the skin graft.

Small cut and Bruise Wounds.

CODE W0557 W0607 W0709 W8511 W1012 W1025
Size 5cm x 5.7cm 6cm x 7cm 7cm x 9cm 8.5cm x 11.5cm 10cm x 12cm 10cm x 25cm
PACKING 100 pcs. 100 pcs. 100 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs.