Transparent Adhesive Wound Dressing with Silver PAD

Product description

Silver ion wound dressing is new type dressing produced by high and new technology, it has the function of antibacterial, reduce pain, reduce the formation of scar and effectively promote the wound healing.


Antibacterial and inhibit bacteria: Silver ions takes a positive charge react with bacteria proteases takes negative charge-based, protein loss of sulfenyl and quickly lose activity, which can lead to bacterial breeding and and be exterminated. Can also combine with DNA of pathogens cell, and form cross links, lead to the degeneration of the DNA, inhibit its replication, thus kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc.

Promote healing, reduce scar: Silver ions can increase the calcium content in the wound, reduce zinc content of the wound and improve the microcirculation surrounding tissue trauma, effectively activate and promote tissue cell proliferation, accelerate wound healing, reduce scar formation.

Breathable: The mesh structure of water thorn Transparent film or Non Woven can make skin natural breathing, and eliminate water vapor sweat,thus effectively reduce the wound infection.

Hypoallergenic and proper viscidityHigh quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesive ,proper Viscidity ,not hurt the skin when released from the skin. The absorbent pad covered with omentum without adhesive, omentum only breathable, does not absorb moisture, absorbent pad absorbs exudate effectively, do not paste the wound, no pain when exposed except


After cleaning the wound disinfection,take out of dressing from the bag.

At one end from the dressing, peel off the paper with the words, exposing the adhesive surf-ace.

The adhesive surface paste to the skin surface, smoothing from the middle to the surrounding.

Complex wound parts, following the guidance of doctor.


Sterile, disposable

The package is damaged to Prohibit using.

Not substitute for sutures, bleeding, skin disinfection and other measures.

Not available for arterial catheter fixation.

Prohibit using for infected wound, ulcers disabled.Later,if the wound infection such as redness,swelling,effusion,and fever,etc,shall suspend following medical diagnosis or increase the repalcement of frequency.

Should select the appropriate size of dressing, to ensure its firmly stuck around the wound dry and healthy skin,not stret-ch to cause tension and damaging the skin.

When removing the dressing,notice that nether catheters or other devices will not be ripped off. The products can be manufactured based on the customers' requirements.

Size 6cm X 7cm 10cm X 10cm 10cm X 15cm 10cm X 20cm 10 x 25 cm 10 x 30 cm
Pack 50 20 20 20 20 20
Any other customize sizes are also available