Cohesive Confirming Bandage
Cohesive Confirming Bandage
5 cm X 2.7 m
7.5 cm X 2.7 m
5 cm X 2.7 m
5 cm X 2.7 m
5 cm X 2.7 m
Cohesive Confirming Bandage
  • Widely used in medical sports and veterinary applications
  • Orthopaedics - sprains, strains and sports injury
  • Compression bondage for
    • Haemostasis
    • venous insufficiency
    • Oedema control
    • Varicose Veins
  • Postoperative wrap for
    • Vascular surgery
    • Plastic surgery
    • Liposuction
    • Total knee replacement
  • Shoulder / knee arthroscopy
  • Partial immobilization
  • Preventing post IV HAematoma
  • Wrapping splints / arm boards


  Colours available Blue, Pink, White

Product Features

Self adherent

  • sticks only to itself, but does not stick to the skin or hair

Heals fast

  • Co-fix will not sleep or loosen with time not even not ridden patient or active athletes

Skin friendly

  • it is made of material air permissible and moisture resistant
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