I.V. Fixator

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Relidress I.V.

Non Woven Adhesive Dressing (for I.V. Fixation)

Relidress I.V. :

For I.V. Fixation
With Extra 1 or 2 Non Woven strips for better fixation.
The mesh structure of water thorn non-woven can make skin natural breathing.
High quality PSA with moderate viscosity.


Reliderm I.V.

Transparent Adhesive Wound Dressing (for I.V. Fixation)

Reliderm I.V. :

For I.V. Fixation
Special semipermeable membrane,to breathe together with skin.
Ultra-thin, transparent.
Waterproof and impermeable to bacteria.



Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P. (for I.V. Fixation)

Relifix :

For I.V. Fixation
Fixes without contaminating the infusion site.
Fixes the cannula, prevents pain.
Prevents infusion relates phlebitis.